Event: The Wellbeing Escape - Shaw Hill

Make Time For Yourself This Spring. Allow us to re-align your mind and body with Pilates, Yoga Flow and Meditation, fuelling your day with nutritious [...] Read more

High Flyer Of The Month - March 2017 - Ann Dewhurst

Ann has worked hard in PIlates for two years and fully deserves to win this award. Ann has shown improvements to her posture, strength and mobility. [...] Read more

Event: Retro Fit - In aid of Derian House

Every year I run a class in aid of Derian House Children’s Hospice. The year we are going retro! An old school aerobics class in a disco atmosphere… [...] Read more

Postural Types

Many people do not have an ideal posture. There are four types of postural alignment that deviate from the ideal alignment, which we often encounter. [...] Read more

Bottoms Up!

The gluteus maximus is the largest of the 3 gluteal muscles. It extends the femur at the hip and laterally rotates the extended hip. The gluteus [...] Read more

Pilates Focus - Let's Ditch The Desk

In our modern day sedentary culture we sit for unhealthily long periods of time. Sitting at a desk all day is a perfect scenario for bringing on back [...] Read more

Rounded Shoulders

While shoulders do appear to have a slightly rounded, forward appearance in most people, some signs of a greater than normal internal rotation of the [...] Read more

High Flyer Of The Month - Hall of Fame

Kaye Gray Jim Cosgrove Gayle Fenny Catherine Longworth-Anderson Jenny Smith Bernie Blackburn Wesley Boardman Eileen Rostron Emma Pollard Trudy [...] Read more

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