Winter News 2019

Happy new year to you all. 

A huge welcome back to our sessions. I am so looking forward to a great year ahead with you all. 

Our new year classes and clinic appointments are all fully booked. This always makes me smile. 

More people, moving more…. Fantastic! 


MIND MOVE NOURISH - Sunday 6th January 2019 



We had some lovely feedback from those who attended our new year retreat at Shaw Hill. 

It is so good for us to take time out and enjoy a bit of ME time. Nordic walking, Pilates, stretch, mobility, nutrition seminar and finally a chill out in the spa. The perfect way to move in to a new year.

Such a lovely group, thank you to all who came. 

If you are interested in any of our retreats, please visit our retreats page and keep an eye out on our social media platforms. 

Our Mallorca retreat in October is selling out fast. If you would like to come along, do get in touch. 


Festive Feet Competition.

Well you really went to town this year! Thank you to everyone who took part. 

Congratulations to Nev Livesey and Debbie Reid, who were crowned king and queen of festive feet.

We hope you both enjoy your free Pilates courses.



SUNDRIED Health Blogger Award 2019 

I was super chuffed to hear the news that I came 3rd in the Sundried blogger awards 2019. 

Thank you so much to everyone who reads my little blogs and took the time to vote. 

Huge congratulations the winner Sophie Grace Holmes. Full deserved   

Sophie has Cystic Fibrosis and campaigns about health and wellness and defying the odds to still be alive despite living beyond her life expectancy. 
A very respectable person to come 3rd to I'd say!

In second place is the inspiring Thomas Dunning who blogs as The mental health runner. His blogs are very inspiring, well worth a follow.   

Well done to all the finalists. 

For those of you who follow Exercise Angels on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, you will know that I regularly post mini blogs on all things health and fitness. 

It is so nice to be recognised for my little blogs. 


Continued Professional Development

I am still studying hard on my 3rd Age Woman Certification. I am soon to sit the exam… keep your fingers crossed for me! 

Once I am qualified, I will run prepare and run workshops to educate women on everything you need to know from Peri to Post Menopause. 

This is the power years ladies, and don’t let anyone tell you any different! 

In early February, I am looking forward to attending a weekend of learning with Cherry Baker Education. 

Day 1- Scoliosis

We will be learning how Pilates can help manage the symptoms of spinal curves and help improve breathing, posture and reduce aches and pains. 

Day 2 - Tendon Loading.

Tendons are the bridge between bones and muscles without them movement simply won’t happen. Healthy tendons allow us to jump, stand up and react to changes.

We will be learning in depth, the importance of the tendons, how to keep them healthy and how to adapt exercises when they become dysfunctional. One of my key prioritiesis to keep up to date on current research and education in my field. 


High Flyer Of The Month Award - February 2019

Huge congratulations to Nick Heatley

Over the past few years, Nick has shown huge improvements in the way he moves. 
He is much stronger, has improved mobility and better stability. 

The key to Nick’s success is his commitment and practice between sessions. 
A lovely member of the class too! 
Well done Nick 

The Healthy Breakfast Show - Chorley FM 

7-9am on Saturday 16th February 2019

Join me bright and early for lots of healthy chit chat. We will be talking all about International Women's Day, and the importance of creating positive links with young females in order to promote health and wellness. with Deborah Terras. 

My guest will be the fantsatic Deborah Terras. She is running Fylde coast International Women's Day festival in March. 










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