Spring News 2020

Welcome To Our Spring Newsletter. 

Well, here we find ourselves in the strangest of times. I don’t imagine any of us expected the Coronavirus outbreak to be as shocking and severe as it is.

I do hope you are all keeping well in these difficult times. 

It is great that you are all keeping in touch and looking after your heath. This really has never been more important!

Virtual Pilates Class Launch 

In response to the COVID19 lockdown, I decided that the only option was to take my business online. 

You now have 2 Pilates classes per week and a variety of Pop-up classes to try too.

I am so pleased that you have all joined me on our virtual classes. I don’t mind admitting that this took me right out of my comfort zone. 

I looked at the various platforms to get the content to you and made the decision to go with a pre-recorded class format. 

This gives you the opportunity to do the classes when it suits you and keep them for as long as you wish. With the live Zoom type classes, it would restrict us to a certain time/day. There are obviously pros and cons to both options. I really like being able to review the class before you get it, to ensure I have covered all the teaching and safety points.

Also, I had to consider an option that would work well with home schooling my daughter. We literally hit the ground running with this, so thank you all for embracing the concept of online classes. 

The good news is that I have learnt new skills and found that I quite enjoy the challenges of filming and editing…. I wouldn’t have said this on week 1 though!

Whilst it is very time consuming, I get so much from knowing that you all enjoy the sessions. Your feedback has been so rewarding, thank-you! 

I don’t believe that you can ever replace face to face instruction and I miss seeing you all so much, but at least we have these classes. 

It is times like this when practising gratitude truly comes into its own. 

Continued Professional Development. 

Just prior to the lockdown, I attended a course to train in the full studio Pilates equipment repertoire. The course was over 3 days and was very much a fast paced learning environment, with lots to take in. 

I am pleased to say that I passed both the theory and practical assessments and look forward to expanding my studio services at Summit Physiotherapy in the future. 

I am using the evening time to keep those grey cells working. I am doing lots of reading to expand my knowledge on anatomy and physiology. 


For those of you on social media, do head over to Exercise Angels platforms on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. I am doing weekly mini blogs to keep you all educated and entertained. 

Thank you all so much for your support. 

Look after yourselves, keep positive and I will see you on screen soon. 


Love Ruth x


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