Pilates Studio


Ruth's Pilates Studio. 

For our more bespoke services, Ruth has a dedicated Pilates studio space at Summit Physiotherapy, David Lloyd, Moss Lane, Chorley. 


Summit is a multi-disciplinary Physiotherapy Centre.  It is located within the David Lloyd Club, Chorley providing quality treatment delivered by skilled, highly qualified professionals. The clinic provides the perfect environment for our 1:1 and small group services.

Your individual needs will be assessed by Ruth, then a suitable programme of Pilates exercises will be stuctured around your requirements. Every client is closley monitored to ensure that you get the very best level of service. 


Pilates Studio Apparatus. 



Pilates Reformer. 

With a sliding platform, known as a carriage, on which you lie, sit, kneel or stand to perform different exercises. This highly versatile piece of equipment allows for an unlimited range of exercises to be performed, many of which train key muscles you probably never knew existed.

The reformer will strengthen muscles and joints, using pulleys and springs to create resistance and challenge your body in new way.


Pilates Cadillac.

The Pilates Cadillac is a fantastis piece of studio equipement to compliement the Pilates reformer. The Cadillac will challenge the body in multiple planes of motion with one apparatus.

Whether sitting, standing, kneeling, lying or even upside down, the springs, bars, mat and trapeze of the Cadillac provide the most diverse Pilates experience.

Both the Pilates Refomer and Cadillac, support fitness and rehabilitation for all ages and levels with the extensive range of exercises offered.

Pilates Wunda Chair And Baby Arc Barrel. 


Originally designed by Joseph Pilates as an at home exercise machine for city apartments tight on space, the Wunda Chair (also known as a Pilates chair) has become an essential part of the modern day Pilates Studio.

The Pilates chair allows for more creativity than some of the other machines. It can be used from positions both in front of the pedal or from seated positions with the pedal behind you. It is a fantastic piece of equipment for use in rehabilitation, to those who require more of challenge in standing exercises. 

For general spinal work in flexion, extension and in rotation, the Arc Barrels are second to none.  The segmental spinal extension corrects poor posture by stretching out the front and strengthening the spine. 

The Baby Arc Barrel is a highly versatile and portable piece of kit. You can do exercises lying on the seat or lying sideways, face down or on your back, lying in front or standing behind. All these exercises require abdominal and spinal, scapular and pelvic strength and control.

Prices For Pilates Studio Apparatus - £40 per session or package of 4 sessions - £155


Personal Pilates Matwork Training. 

Personal Pilates training includes a full postural assessment and Pilates exercise programme tailored to your specific needs. You will be closely monitored to ensure correction technique and a clear line of progression. 

This service is perfect for those recovering from injury or post surgery, pre and post natal and sports people.  

Prices for 1:1 Pilates - £40 per session or package of 4 sessions - £155

Prices for 1:2 Pilates - £42 per session 


Absolute Beginners Clinics 


Prior to joining our classes, we recommend attending  a 1:1 or small group beginners clinic. These sessions will teach you the key principles of Pilates and give you confidence to progress to a course of classes or reformer sessions. 

Prices for 1:1 Pilates  - £40 per session or package of 4 sessions - £155


Pre and Post Natal Pilates 

During pregnancy and beyond, it is important to be guided in the correct type of exercises. I am an experienced  pre and post natal exercise and Pilates specialist. 

On a 1:1 basis you will be cared for and supported at this wonderful time of your life.

Our Pilates sessions are a great form of exercise to ensure good alignment, pelvic floor function, core restore and wellbeing. 

1:1 Pre/Post Natal Clinic - £40 per session or block booking of 4 sessions - £155




Are you moving freely? Through a series of tests, we can look at how your body is moving and then address areas of dysfunction in a systematic approach of exercises. 

Prices for Biomechanics assessment - £40


Cancellation Policy

All of the above services are payable in full by BACS upon booking. 

Should you need to re arrange your appointment, providing there is 24 hours notice, we will be happy to re-schedule for you. 

If you cancel your booking for any of our services, with less than 24 hours notice, full payment will be required. In the unlikely event of us cancelling a session, you will be refunded for that session. 

For full details of our price packages, please get in touch via our contact page



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