Virtual Classes.







Enjoy the benefits of Pilates, whenever and wherever you are in the world, with our online professional programme of classes. 

Our virtual classes are delivered to a high standard of teaching, with exercise options and adaptations to suit all levels of ability. 

We offer four packages - from absolute beginner through to advanced , there is an option to suit all levels of ability and experience. You will have unlimited access to your classes for 12 months.

Once your classes have been sent to you, it is your responsibility to retain your class links. 

To order your package, please select the option you require below.


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Package 1

Absolute Beginners Pilates Course - £25

  • This virtual course is suitable for those new to Pilates.
  • This course will teach you the principles of Pilates and give you an introduction to some key exercises.
  • The exercises will gradually progress each week with lots of options and adaptations offered for each exercise.
  • There will be 4 hour long classes for you to work though and master.
  • Once you feel ready, you can then progress to the level 2 virtual course.
Package 2

Level 2 Pilates Course - £25

  • This 4 week course is pitched at an intermediate level.
  • It is suitable for those with Pilates experience, or those who have completed the beginners course.
  • You will be sent 4 virtual classes.
  • Each class is one hour and can be competed at your leisure.
  • The classes will give options to progress and adaptations to allow for those with injury or orthopaedic conditions.
Package 3

Level 3 Pilates Course - £25

  • This course is for the more advanced participants, with Pilates experience.
  • You will be sent 4 classes with options to use Pilates equipment to progress the exercises.
  • Each class will be an hour long and offers options and adaptations for each exercise.
Package 4

Cardio Core Pilates Class - £25

  • This course of 4 classes aims to improve your fitness levels.
  • A high intensity, low impact, interval and core class to boost your bone loading exercise, metabolic efficiency, cardiovascular and muscular systems.
  • This class is suitable for all levels as modifications and adaptations will be given.
  • Each class is 40 minutes and will include a warm up and cold down/stretch.
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